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Davarel® allows professionals and small businesses to have a free Internet Site specially designed to publish a Web catalog for their products and/or services. The visitors of the site can select products from the Web catalog, place orders and ask for quotes.

You have nothing to lose and so much to win! Open your free Internet site and publish your Web catalog now!
Your online catalog Easily publish and maintain your product or service catalog on the Internet. Add multiple photos to your products, include prices, features, availability and description.
Receive orders from your visitors Your visitors can sign up as customers in order to select items in your online catalog and place an order; you will receive it instantly in your email.
Design your site the way you want Add a header with your logo, choose the background and colors you love most, and build sections with graphical content, all easily and quickly through your browser.
Publish your site in multiple languages You may translate and publish your site in multiple languages​​. The visitors can then choose one of them. English and Spanish are currently supported... expect more languages ​​soon.
Use your own Internet domain You can optionally use your own Internet domain (example: If you decide not to use a domain, you can always use a subdomain (example:
E-mail addresses If you have your own Internet domain, you can use it to create e-mail addresses and forward e-mail messages from it (example:
Small, non-obtrusive advertisement inserts Davarel® sites can be free because we put little advertisement inserts. These are little and never obstructs your content.
Optimized for the most important Web search engines Your site is optimized from the beginning to be easily found and indexed by the most important and popular Web search engines.
Fast and reliable support Receive support via e-mail when you have any doubt or question about your service.
Huge capacity In your catalog you have enough space to organize and publish up to 1000 products or services, with multiple pictures each.
YouTube® videos Upload your videos to YouTube® and publish them on your site.
Google™ Maps Insert Google™ Maps in your site. Click on them to enlarge and navigate them dynamically.
Feedback forms Receive questions, comments and suggestions from your site visitors directly on your e-mail by using feedback forms (this feature is only available if you have your own Internet Domain).
Davarel ®
Free Web Site and Free Web Catalog for your business.
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